How to Improve IELTS Score of Writing?

How to Improve IELTS Score of Writing?

This article will explain how to improve IELTS score, especially in writing. Well, what are the tips?

Learn the IELTS Writing Book

Look for IELTS writing which explains material accurately and in detail. If you get the materials from the internet, print the material of writing and find the pattern.

Please, look for the right book because not all books give true material. Each book has different principles.

Use the Form of Writing IELTS

It is important for you to use the form of IELTS writing. Usually, the minimum words of IELTS writing 1 are 150 words and 250 words for writing 2. Remember that the test of writing section is perfectly tight. So, you have to be used to use the writing form when you are training because you cannot again count each word. Just imagine how long time you will spend to count long writing.

Learn the Topic That Often Comes Out

Usually, many people want to look cool in writing so they use many adverbs and adjectives. If you do that, your writing will be lack of contents and it will look unnatural. The best thing to do is learning the topics that often come out. If possible, you can memorize all the topics. This step is really useful for your writing skill


Normally, we should write for about 13 words per line. There is a formula that you should remember;

In writing 2, some task which will be assessed are:

  • Task response. It is for about 25%. In answering it, do it as simple as possible. Just say that you agree or not, or you are neutral (middle position).
  • The task of focus ideas
  • The task of explain ideas or supported ideas
  • The task of extended and developed ideas

In order, you do not lack words in writing or you write too many words, notice the following formulas;

The introduction usually contains for about 2 sentences, 5 sentences for body 1, 5 sentences for body 2, and 2 sentences for the conclusion.

Well, try to do those tips on how to improve IELTS score of writing.

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